Amara Raja Announces Strategic Tech Partnership Agreement With Gotion-InoBat-Batteries

Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ARACT), a subsidiary of India’s largest battery maker Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd (ARE&M), recently signed an exclusive licensing agreement with GIB EnergyX Slovakia s.r.o. to offer their cells in Slovakia.

Amara Raja now has access to world-class LFP cells manufactured using both prismatic and cylindrical form factors under this comprehensive agreement, including accessing IP for cell technology and licensing agreements covering them, support for setting up Gigafactories conforming with modern process technologies, integration with Gotion’s global supply network for critical battery materials and technical assistance for solution deployment from Gotion.

Amara Raja recently unveiled plans to use this technology transfer to implement their Gigafactory Manufacturing Capabilities and the advanced R&D and Innovation Centre ePositive Energy Labs, which aims to lead India’s R&D capability. Amara Raja announced in 2017 that they would invest Rs 9,500 crores into Telangana to establish an Amara Raja Giga Corridor; with this investment comes access to continuous improvements for cell performance and process efficiency during their partnership period, allowing products that remain both competitive and modern while remaining modernity intact.

Amara Raja, Gotion, and InoBat are shareholders and board directors of InoBat in Slovakia, an emerging lithium battery company taking on advanced applications like electric aviation while developing an effective “Cradle to Cradle” ecosystem of battery value chain management. Gotion High-tech and InoBat also formed GIB, which signed an investment agreement with Slovakia’s government to build the first LFP Battery Gigafactory.

Vikramaditya Gourineni of Gotion expressed her excitement regarding their partnership. Over the past several years, we have dedicated substantial time and energy to understanding the global landscape of new energy, investing in InoBat for lithium battery ecosystem investment purposes, and working more closely with GIB via their Global C2C Alliance alliance to secure supply and technology security for our supply chains and our technological requirements for Amara Raja Giga Corridor development while lending Gotion’s expertise credence in our venture.

Jayadev Galla, Chairman & Managing director of ARE&M, noted: “Last year’s investments in new energy were part and parcel to ushering in an exciting new era we call Amara Raja 4.0. India is one of the world’s most promising EV markets. Gotion’s globally proven technology and our 30-plus years of expertise will prove a winning combination. Over our history, we have established strong relationships with customers from automotive to industrial applications who depend on Amara Raja for best-in-class solutions; Amara Raja 3.0 will help our customers navigate this energy transition successfully.”

Steven Cai of GIB Energy and Gotion HighTech Co. remarked, “India is an emerging market with considerable potential. We admire Amara Raja’s corporate values, success in the Indian market with their energy storage products, strong customer relationships, and innovative New Energy solutions over the years. Additionally, their product technology and Gigafactory expertise have allowed Gotion to establish itself in this competitive space while continuing to offer innovative New Energy solutions.” “We are delighted that Amararaja and ourselves have joined forces in offering LFP technology that should assist their Indian customers on their energy transition journey.”

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