EV NewsFisker Alaska: The Lightweight and Sustainable Electric Truck Coming in 2025

Fisker Alaska: The Lightweight and Sustainable Electric Truck Coming in 2025

Two battery sizes will be offered - 75-kWh for an approximate range of 230 miles and 113-kWh that provides up to 340 miles.

Fisker, the electric vehicle company founded by Henrik Fisker, recently unveiled new details regarding its Alaska electric truck. This lightweight model promises to be among the most eco-friendly vehicles.

Alaska is built upon a modified version of the Fisker Ocean platform. It will be powered by a battery pack with an estimated range of up to 340 miles.

In addition to its lightweight design and long-range capabilities, Alaska will feature numerous environmentally-friendly elements. It will boast vegan interior materials sourced ethically. At the same time, its solar roof can generate up to 2,000 watts of power for powering other devices on board.

Fisker expects Alaska to launch for sale in the United States during the first quarter of 2025. Although Fisker has yet to disclose an initial selling price for this electric truck, Fisker anticipates it is being competitive with similar offerings on the market.

Here are some key features of the Fisker Alaska electric truck:

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  • Lightweight design, long-range (up to 340 miles), sustainable features (vegan interior and solar roof).
    Expected to go on sale by 2025, Alaska is an exciting new electric truck that promises many advantages over its rivals. Its lightweight design and long-range suit city are driving and longer road trips. In contrast, its environmentally-friendly features make it more environmentally friendly than other options.
  • Fisker may be a relatively young automaker, but they have already earned an outstanding reputation with their stylish and cutting-edge electric vehicles – particularly Alaska. Consumers looking for sustainable yet fashionable trucks will likely opt for it over competing offerings from Fisker or others.
  • In addition to developing its Alaska, Fisker Automotive is currently creating various other electric vehicles, such as the Pear small electric hatchback and Ronin grand tourer, while working on an advanced supercomputer for use within their cars.
  • Fisker Automotive stands out in the electric vehicle market as an innovative company with sustainable products and designs that could make an impactful statement in future years.
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