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Ford CEO Jim Farley Takes an Electric Road Trip in an F-150 Lightning to Gain Insight into Customers’ Experiences

Ford CEO Jim Farley embarked on an electric vehicle road trip Monday in an F-150 Lightning pickup truck, intended to give him and his team an insight into how Ford EV customers experience their experiences.

Farley and his team will embark on an EV road trip from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and eventually Route 66 charging station. Along the way, they will visit researchers, businesses, dealers, salespeople, conversion shops, drivers, and communities and use similar roads and infrastructure as other EV drivers do.

Farley hopes to gain more insights into the real-world experience of electric vehicle use, including range anxiety. Furthermore, he wants to learn about charging infrastructure improvements that could benefit EV drivers.

Farley is no stranger to road trips. In his early career with Toyota, he embarked on a cross-country road trip to better understand their customers. He used this experience to further the Camry midsize sedan’s development.

Farley hopes this road trip will allow him to improve Ford EVs, make them more appealing to consumers, and learn about any challenges drivers of electric vehicles face and how Ford can assist.

The F-150 Lightning is an attractive EV yet costly option

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The F-150 Lightning has received immense acclaim from truck buyers and the media. Our first drive revealed it to be revolutionary; however, its high cost makes it an example of electric vehicle price inflation.

Ford raised the price of its Lightning four times since its introduction in April 2022, even with recent price reductions; today’s base price of $51,990 (including the destination charge of $1,995) remains 25% higher than its introduction at $41,6669.

Farley recognizes the high cost of the Lightning, and in discussing Ford’s quarterly earnings report last week, he confirmed that they are lowering their 2023 EV production targets. Farley specifically pointed to cost as one of the primary factors, noting that more than 30% of consumers intend to buy an EV. Still, high purchase prices are holding many off from doing so.

Farley hopes his road trip will allow him to identify some of the challenges electric vehicle (EV) drivers face, such as high purchase costs. He hopes also to learn about and improve charging infrastructure.

Farley is committed to making Ford an industry leader in EV sales

Farley is an avid supporter of electric vehicles (EVs). He believes they represent the future of transportation and is committed to making Ford an industry leader in EV sales.

Farley’s road trip indicates his devotion to electric vehicles (EVs). He’s willing to experience first-hand what real drivers encounter daily while being open to listening to customers’ feedback about EVs.

Farley’s road trip marks an encouraging step in developing electric vehicles (EVs). It demonstrates Ford’s dedication to making EVs more affordable and accessible to consumers while listening to customer feedback. Under Farley’s leadership, Ford has a great chance of becoming an industry leader in EVs.

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