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SpaceX Will Launch Intelsat Communications Satellite On Falcon 9 Rocket

Galaxy 37/Horizons-4 was initially scheduled to be launched using an Ariane 6 rocket; however, due to delays in the production of that rocket Intelsat switched launch providers and settled upon SpaceX as their launch provider instead.

Maxar designed and constructed this satellite specifically to meet the growing capacity needs of North American television media and telecommunications network customers while providing Ku-band coverage to U.S. government customers as well as other customers.

Booster 1077, the Falcon 9 rocket that will launch Galaxy 37/Horizons-4, is back for another go after previously supporting Crew-5, CRS-28, one commercial payload launch and 1 Starlink launch – its payload fairings have also been successfully flight-proven.

After its portion of the flight, Booster 1077 will land on the drone ship Just Read the Instructions approximately 638 kilometres downrange and recover its fairings about 100 km later.

Suppose a launch cannot occur during the two-hour window on Thursday, August 3. In that case, there is another launch opportunity on Friday, August 4, at the same time.

SpaceX launched their inaugural mission of August on August 1, following an equally busy July when they completed eight tasks. August is expected to bring more launches, with up to eight scheduled for SpaceX alone.

Galaxy 37/Horizons-4 marks an essential achievement for Intelsat as it marks its inaugural launch with SpaceX. Intelsat is an established provider of global satellite communications services, and this satellite will help ensure they continue providing customers with reliable yet cost-effective service.

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