EV NewsThe future of Driving Is Electric

The future of Driving Is Electric

Businesses, municipalities, and learning institutions will need charging stations installed to meet the needs of their employees, customers, and students. Unfortunately, installing and managing such an extensive network can be complex and expensive.

The world is rapidly transitioning towards electric vehicles (EVs). By 2030, 245 million EVs are expected to be on the road globally compared with just 10 million today – creating massive disruption in transportation systems around the globe and necessitating substantial investments into charging infrastructure for these EVs.

PowerFlex provides the ideal solution: our innovative algorithm, Adaptive Load Management (ALM). ALM enables businesses and organizations to maximize the potential of their EV charging infrastructure without upgrading electrical systems – meaning more charging stations can be installed without additional upgrades required for power grid systems.

Here’s how ALM works:

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By continuously monitoring power demand at each charging station within its network, ALM then adjusts output to this overall demand.

So that no single charging station becomes overburdened and power demands can be evenly spread, this system ensures that every station becomes manageable and that power demand is distributed evenly throughout.

ALM can enable businesses to install up to four times more charging stations than they could without ALM, potentially saving substantial sums of money on electrical system upgrades and peak demand charges.

ALM provides more than cost savings, however:

Increased reliability: ALM helps prevent the overloading of electrical systems that could result in outages. Improved efficiency: With ALM’s assistance, businesses may reduce energy usage by up to 20%.

Greater convenience: ALM can ensure EV drivers always have access to charging their vehicles.

With its ALM feature, PowerFlex can help future-proof your electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, save money, and increase efficiency. Contact us now to see how ALM can assist in making your EV network more cost-effective and save on operating expenses!

Here are a few more details about ALM:

ALM’s power management algorithm considers both current power demand, expected future power demand, and individual EV drivers’ charging profiles to create an adaptive approach to optimizing power usage across setting networks. By continuously learning and adapting, ALM ensures maximum power savings within each charging network.

ALM is designed for ease of use and requires no special training to use effectively. Furthermore, its scalability enables it to manage charging networks of any size. If you want to learn more about ALM, please visit PowerFlex today.

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