Press ReleasesTata Power EZ Charge Card: Breakthrough in Electric Vehicle Charging

Tata Power EZ Charge Card: Breakthrough in Electric Vehicle Charging

Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company, recently unveiled their revolutionary EZ CHARGE Card that promises to revolutionize EV charging experiences for millions of owners across India.

EZ CHARGE Card provides an efficient and straightforward means of charging your electric vehicle (EV). Tap the card against any Tata Power EZ charger, and the charging process will commence automatically. Furthermore, this convenient card allows you to pay for charging sessions without downloading an app or entering payment details directly.

EZ CHARGE Cards provide several advantages over traditional EV charging methods. First and foremost is convenience. No more fidgeting with phones or entering payment information each time you want to charge your car; tap and go!

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Second, the EZ CHARGE Card offers more secure storage. Your payment data are safely contained on the card itself, so there is no risk of being breached or stolen.

Thirdly, the EZ CHARGE Card is more efficient. The RFID chip embedded into it enables quick and hassle-free initiation of charging sessions without needing to wait for internet connectivity.

Tata Power offers an EZ CHARGE Card at all its EZ chargers across India, making getting charged faster and easier than ever! To claim your card, visit their website or app and create an account.

Tata Power provides more than just the EZ CHARGE Card for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions; their products range from home chargers to public and fleet chargers – helping accelerate growth in India’s EV market. Tata is dedicated to creating a robust EV infrastructure that supports this market growth.

Tata Power has taken another significant step toward making electric vehicle (EV) charging more accessible, secure, and efficient for Indian consumers by introducing the EZ CHARGE Card. This card marks another important milestone in Tata’s mission of expanding EV adoption across India.

Here are a few additional details regarding the EZ CHARGE Card:

  • Tata Power EZ Charge offers the convenience of linking a card directly with your account and sharing access without disclosing payment information. Once activated, this card can be used at any Tata Power EZ charger across India.
  • The card can be used at all significant EV brands, including Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hyundai, and MG Motor.
  • The card comes in two variants: personal and fleet cards. Individual users may acquire personal cards, while businesses and organizations with multiple EVs may request fleet cards instead.
  • The EZ CHARGE Card is an ideal solution for anyone owning or considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV). It provides an easy, secure, cost-effective method of charging their car from various chargers across India.
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