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Zen Mobility Partners with ElectroRide to Launch the First Experience Center in Delhi NCR

Partnership aims to focus attention on both B2B and B2C customers

Flexible financing options available in ElectroRide outlets in Delhi NCR

Plans to open dealerships in all major cities i.e. Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad

Zen Mobility, an emerging Indian electric vehicle OEM located in Manesar, Gurgaon (Haryana), is delighted to announce the expansion of its retail presence in Delhi NCR through a partnership with ElectroRide, a prominent electric vehicle retail provider. This partnership will enhance the accessibility of Zen Mobilitys multi-purpose EV’s to retail customers in the Delhi NCR.

Namit Jain, Founder and CEO, Zen Mobility and Prerna Awasthi, Head, Business Strategy with Tanuj Jain, Co-Founder and Director, ElectroRide

By joining forces, Zen Mobility and ElectroRide aim to provide a host of benefits to customers, including faster turnaround times, an expanded network of retail outlets, the exploration of diverse use cases, comprehensive service and after-sales support, and the expansion of their reach through an enhanced network. Additionally, customers can experience the Zen Micro Pod firsthand at various ElectroRide outlets across Delhi/NCR. This opportunity allows customers to explore the vehicles versatility, with diverse use cases such as vegetable carts, juice carts, commercial logistics, and in-campus usage among the many possibilities.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Namit Jain, Founder and CEO of Zen Mobility said that “We are thrilled to announce our first experience center in Delhi NCR through our retail partnership with ElectroRide. With ElectroRides extensive network of outlets, we are now well-equipped to meet the growing demands of retail customers across Delhi NCR. This partnership will provide our customers with a seamless experience, from vehicle exploration to after-sales support, while solidifying our commitment to sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. Our vision includes opening dealerships in major cities throughout India, starting with Delhi NCR, followed by Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The tremendous response from enterprises has been overwhelming, with 5,000 orders already received. This demand has driven us to establish a production line in Manesar, with a manufacturing capacity of 50,000 vehicles annually. With ElectroRide as our trusted partner, we are confident in fulfilling customer expectations in the Delhi/NCR region, further emphasizing our commitment to delivering quality service and timely deliveries.”

Zen Mobility also recognizes the importance of consumer finance options to make its products more accessible by offering flexible payment options. Customers have the choice to pay upfront or opt for convenient installment plans through EMIs. By providing these consumer finance options, Zen Mobility aims to accommodate a wide range of customers and make their products more affordable and convenient to purchase.

Co-founder & Directors of ElectroRide, Mr. Rahul Goenka and Mr. Tanuj Jain also expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to collaborate with Zen Mobility to launch the first experience center in Delhi NCR. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionizing the electric mobility landscape in Delhi and the National Capital Region. With Zen Mobilitys cutting-edge technology and ElectroRides extensive retail network, we aim to offer customers the best electric mobility solutions available. By making Zen Mobilitys multi-purpose vehicles accessible at our outlets, customers in Delhi NCR can now explore a wide range of options and firsthand experience the future of sustainable transportation. We are confident that this collaboration will not only provide customers with exceptional products but also ensure a seamless ownership journey with comprehensive service and support.”

Zen Mobility enhances income prospects for delivery riders and enables efficient fleet management for e-commerce and fleet operators. Committed to supporting Indias growth and achieving the nations net-zero goal by 2070, Zen Mobility promotes the transition to green mobility. With the prestigious ARAI Certificate of Conformity, Zen Mobility ensures compliance with industry regulations, showcasing its commitment to manufacturing excellence. The upcoming Zen Maxi Pod, a multi-purpose 4-wheeler LEV, offers superior cargo space and improved operational efficiencies for Last Mile Delivery. Anticipated customer trials begin in Q4 FY24, with the official launch in FY25.

About Zen Mobility

Zen Mobility is a one-of-its-kind Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) OEM engaged in the design and manufacturing of customized & purpose-built EVs, with designs from Germany and built in India with a vision to transform modern-day mobility and logistics, Zen is focused on alleviating the challenges of the Last Mile delivery (LMD) segment. A brainchild of Namit Jain, Zen Mobility was established in 2019-20 as a spin-off of NTF Group – a renowned auto component manufacturer of engineering plastics and composites to majority of the Auto OEMs in India and globally.

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