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John Lewis Electric Blanket: Keep Warm and Cozy All Winter Long

John Lewis electric blankets are constructed using premium materials and offer innovative features that provide warmth and comfort during sleep. They make a perfect choice for anyone searching for a warm and restful slumber experience.

Here are a few features that make John Lewis electric blankets stand out:

  • Luxury fabric: John Lewis electric blankets feature luxurious fabric that feels amazing next to your skin, with multiple heat settings so that you can always find your ideal level of warmth.
  • Overheat Protection: For uninterrupted restful nights’ rest, our built-in overheat protection feature ensures your blanket never becomes too warm, ensuring a comfortable night’s rest.
  • Dual Control: If sharing a bed with someone with different temperature preferences, dual control allows both parties to find comfortable nights rest.

John Lewis electric blankets are machine-washable for your convenience, enabling you to easily maintain their cleanliness.

In addition, John Lewis blankets offer other great advantages, including:

  • Relieve muscle pain: Electric blankets offer gentle heat that can help soothe muscle ache and stiffness, while improving sleep quality by providing warm beds to make sure that sleep comes easier at night.
  • Save Energy: Electric blankets are more energy-efficient than other forms of heating, enabling you to save money on your energy bills and stay cozy this winter with one from John Lewis Electric Blankets.

Here are some helpful hints for selecting a John Lewis electric blanket:

  • Consider your bed size: John Lewis electric blankets come in an assortment of sizes to ensure you find one suitable to your bed, while fabric selection allows you to find one that feels best against your skin.
  • Decide on a heat setting: Many John Lewis electric blankets offer multiple heat settings so you can find one that meets your needs.
  • Consider safety features: Make sure any electric blanket you purchase includes overheat protection and an auto-off function to safeguard you against unexpected overheating situations.

Here are a few pointers for caring for a John Lewis electric blanket:

  • Read and follow manufacturer care instructions. Before washing with care, detach and unplug controller and cords prior to running through a gentle cycle using mild detergent – never bleach or harsh chemicals such as ammonia!
  • Line drying your electric blanket should always be preferred over using a tumble dryer to avoid unnecessarily wearing down both fabric and wiring. In addition, make sure your electric blanket is stored correctly after each use to avoid folding it improperly and risking damaging its internal wiring system.

Hope that this article has given you more of an understanding of John Lewis electric blankets. They offer a comfortable and safe way to stay warm this winter – We highly suggest one!

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