Green EnergyNew York City to Become First Major City With Zero-Emission Rideshare Fleet...

New York City to Become First Major City With Zero-Emission Rideshare Fleet by 2030

Green Rides will be implemented gradually. Starting in 2024, 5% of all rideshare trips must use zero-emission vehicles. This percentage will continue to increase yearly until 2030.

Eric Adams and the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) of New York City recently unveiled an initiative requiring that all rideshare vehicles in New York City become zero emission by 2030, making New York the first major city in the world to commit to an entirely zero-emission fleet of rideshare vehicles.

The Green Rides initiative is part of Mayor Adams’ plan to make New York City more sustainable. This effort includes electrifying the public bus fleet and making it easier for residents to own electric vehicles.

The Green Rides initiative is expected to have multiple advantages, such as:

  • Reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health and creating jobs in the clean energy sector are all goals worth striving for.
  • Making New York City an even more desirable place to live and work This initiative is expected to be cost-effective over time as electric vehicle prices decrease and drivers take advantage of incentives offered by the city to switch.
  • Green Rides initiative represents a breakthrough for New York City. It serves as an inspiring example to other cities around the globe. It shows that it is possible to combat climate change through transportation initiatives.

Here are more details regarding the Green Rides initiative:

  • Both public and private funding sources will fund the initiative. TLC will collaborate with rideshare companies to implement it successfully and devise a plan. Furthermore, the public awareness campaign will also be part of this endeavour.
  • Green Rides initiative will create over 10,000 jobs in the clean energy sector. It represents an ambitious plan that will make New York City a world leader in combatting climate change – an incredible leap forward for this city and an inspiration to other cities worldwide.

“New Yorkers deserve cleaner air,” stated Selvena N. Brooks-Powers of the New York City Council, adding that greening the for-hire vehicle fleet will help reduce emissions and benefit communities citywide. I thank Commissioner Do and the TLC for keeping a keen eye on our carbon footprint as we strive toward carbon neutrality.”

As chair of the New York City Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection, Resiliency & Waterfronts, I am thrilled to express my enthusiasm for the Green Rides initiative. This policy sets an impressive gold standard in innovation, inspiring other cities nationwide to follow its example,” noted Councilmember James F. Gennaro. By moving our high-volume for-hire fleet towards zero emissions reductions, we not only redefine urban mobility but also reinforce our commitment towards creating a greener and more sustainable New York City. I want to thank Mayor Adams and TLC for leading this pioneering initiative.”

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New York City must lead in the transition to clean energy,” declared Councilmember Carlina Rivera of the New York City Council. Today’s new proposal marks a giant step toward drastically decreasing vehicle emissions. I commend Mayor de Blasio and TLC for including accessibility and sustainability as core tenets of this groundbreaking nation-leading proposal. We must use all means available to combat climate change; New York’s commitment to building a greener future through zero-emission rideshare fleet conversion is a testament to this fact.”

“The Green Rides initiative is not only an excellent step toward mitigating air pollution and emissions from transportation — both essential components of fighting climate change — but it’s also a fantastic example of how strong climate legislation at all levels of government combined with market forces is shifting economics in favour of clean energy,” said Julie Tighe, president of New York League of Conservation Voters. The league applauded Mayor Adams and Commissioner Do for initiating such an innovative plan which benefits our environment and contributes to creating a healthier, more livable city that benefits everyone involved,” added Tighe. “The New York League of Conservation Voters applauds them both for initiating such an initiative which benefits our environment and contributes towards creating healthier cities.”

“The TLC’s Green Rides Initiative brings rideshare companies into the fight against climate pollution since transportation emissions account for two of New York City’s three highest sources of greenhouse gases emissions — most coming from passenger cars,” according to Mary Barber, State Director for New York and New Jersey at Environmental Defense Fund. She stated: “This Initiative sets aggressive yet achievable goals to promote climate action across our region.”

“Creating a cleaner future for New York is something we believe strongly in as drivers and New Yorkers, and this initiative marks a bold first step,” noted Brendan Sexton, president of the Independent Drivers Guild. We appreciate Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s promise in his Working People’s Agenda released earlier this year that hardworking drivers wouldn’t shoulder the costs of transitioning. New York is known for leading the nation in accessibility and sustainability initiatives and worker protections; therefore, we look forward to working closely with Mayor Adams, Deputy Mayor Joshi, and Commissioner Do. Commissioner Do to ensure a smooth Green Rides transition for all concerned parties involved.”

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“Thank you to Mayor Adams, Deputy Mayor Joshi, TLC Chair Do and all other public leaders for making Green Rides happen in New York! Your vision to electrify the rideshare industry will make electric vehicle adoption easier on New Yorkers while setting an example for cities nationwide to follow,” stated Frank Reig, co-founder and CEO of Revel. As New York’s first all-electric rideshare operator and leading provider of public fast charging infrastructure Revel remain committed to building reliable EV infrastructure near where drivers live and work, ensuring a transition towards a greener journey more accessible yet better for their wallets as well.

“New York’s Green Rides initiative is part of its comprehensive approach to combatting climate change and should be seen as an integral component of fast, frequent, reliable, and accessible public transit service,” Betsy Plum, Executive Director of Rider Alliance. Electrifying high-volume for-hire fleets while optimizing subways, buses, and paratransit will accelerate our transition towards zero-emission transportation systems more rapidly.”

Environmental groups, rideshare companies, and elected officials alike have expressed great enthusiasm about The Green Rides Initiative, seeing it as essential in combatting climate change and creating a healthier and more sustainable city in New York City.

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