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Tata Motors Deploys 400 Starbus EV Buses to DTC and Sets New Standards in Urban City Commuting

Tata Motors recently delivered 400 Starbus EV buses to Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), fulfilling part of an order from DTC for 1,500 low-floor, air-conditioned electric buses over 12 years. These zero-emission buses feature state-of-the-art features and cutting-edge battery systems to provide reliable transport service in India’s capital city.

The Starbus EV is an advanced electric bus designed to redefine urban city commuting. Equipped with its innovative full-electric drivetrain, this state-of-the-art vehicle maximizes energy usage for reduced costs while offering convenient features such as easy boarding, comfortable seating, and driver-friendly operations while guaranteeing zero emissions.

In addition to those mentioned in the original article, the Starbus EV also features several additional advanced features that make it an excellent option for urban passenger transportation needs. These features include:

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  • Passenger information systems with destination boards and audio announcements, Wi-Fi hotspots for on-the-go connectivity, charging ports for mobile devices, and security cameras are provided to enhance passenger satisfaction and maintain safe transport conditions.
  • Emergency buttons for passenger safety
  • The Delhi Transport Corporation’s Starbus EV represents an exciting step forward in reducing pollution and improving air quality across Delhi. Boasting zero-emissions technology and cutting-edge features, the Starbus EV will offer passengers a comfortable commute experience – something many residents of the capital city might take for granted today.

Tata Motors recently reached a significant milestone by delivering 400 Starbucks EV buses – marking over 1000 e-buses provided since 2000! Tata Motors remains committed to sustainable and cutting-edge transportation solutions, with Starbus EV as an exemplar.

Tata Motors is committed to building electric cars and trucks as part of India’s transition toward a clean transportation future. Tata Motors plays an instrumental role in this transition process through its focus on electric vehicle development.

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